Matejka, Adrian 2022

Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Summer Poetry Gathering featuring Adrian Matejka
Haymarket House


& there’s no taking it back now.
What comes next? Charcoal underbone,

darkroom for soliloquy & irises wide
at home. Some underside party popping

off & ending with me counting resignations
on a couch made from my last pennies—

copper profiles cushion deep, dull
with emancipation & worth almost me.

– Adrian Matejka, “I Say the Thing for the First Time”

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Watch Adrian Matejka’s 2022 reading at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Adrian Matejka begins at 1:04:30 minutes.

It ends because the beginning won’t jumpstart
again: red smudge of a mouth, lipstick everywhere

the afterthought a comet leaves on its way
out. What makes this moment unfold like a fine

woman raising herself up from the bathroom floor?
Honky-tonk in the honeyed brown of an eyeball?

– Adrian Matejka, “End of Side A”

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