Legaspi, Joseph 2022

Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Blue Hour Reading Series with Sarah Gambito and Joseph Legaspi


You’ve come disguised, hair
upswept, eyes two shades
murkier than petroleum,
a face I’ve never seen but know

– Joseph Legaspi, “Night”

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Watch Joseph Legaspi’s 2022 reading with Sarah Gambito at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Joseph Legaspi begins at 13:52 minutes.

The gowns and dresses hang
like fleece in their glaring
whiteness, sheepskin-softness,
the ruffled matrimonial love in which the brides-
in-waiting dance around, expectantly,
hummingbirds to tulips. I was dragged here:
David’s Bridal, off the concrete-gray arterial
highways of a naval town.

– Joseph Legaspi, “At the Bridal Shop”

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Joseph O. Legaspi on living the life of a poet

Poet Joseph O. Legaspi discusses the experience of studying poetry in the Philippines, how the notion of community continues to evolve and influence his work, and what it means to live and work as a poet in New York City.

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