Aldana, Christian 2022

Tuesday, September 6, 2022
Poetry @ the Green with Christian Aldana
320 S. Canal


This is what joy looks like:
palm to palm, radiant, mga kasama.
Sing like every tomorrow is infinite,
each one of us a river, a rush, a dream.

Palm to palm, radiant, mga kasama
smile wide and drink sunlight.
Each one of us a river, a rush, a dream
unfurling into a monumental sea.

– Christian Aldana, “Pantoum for 2032”

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Watch Christian Aldana’s performance for Filipino American History Month:

Luya Set – Chris, Gilary & Lorenze from Caroline Olsen on Vimeo.

They will come to the door in broad daylight. Because they can.

When the sun is high and shining, and Chicago summer feels like it will never end

They will wait in the street.

They will knock.

– Christian Aldana, “Know Your Rights When ICE Comes to Your Door”

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