Villar, Richard 2021

Wednesday, December 15, 2021
Reading Series with Richard Villar and Elana Bell


because civil cafesito
and politics cannot coexist
and we do not question
our birth certificates
unless we are agents of Homeland Security
because we were born American citizens
and as such are eligible to die
at a higher rate
in exchange for houses in Orlando
that we do not own.

– Richard Villar, “Always Here”

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Watch Richard Villar’s 2021 reading with Elana Bell at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Richard Villar begins at 20:40 minutes.

The draft in your windows wakes you.
A jazzman reads you D.H. Lawrence,
wishing your waist was muted trumpet,
your moans the notes to Corcovado.

– Richard Villar, “Aubade at 12:56pm”

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