Del Valle, Mayda 2021

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Reading Series with Hannah Gamble and Mayda Del Valle


grandmother our common thread began in my mama’s womb
spun my fetus like a record in her cipher
sampled your stubborn and mixed in her fathers posture
our connection is full circle
abuela you bearer of children
you seer of spirits
you are truly miraculous

– Mayda Del Valle, “a faith like yours”

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Watch Mayda Del Valle’s 2021 reading with Hannah Gamble at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Mayda Del Valle begins at 22:02 minutes.

Read Mayda Del Valle’s Interview with Williams College:

Writer and Performer | Mayda Del Valle | ’00 Los Angeles, CA Mayda Del Valle is a renowned spoken word-artist. In 2001, she became the youngest person and first Latina to win the National Slam Poetry title. She subsequently appeared in four seasons of the HBO series “Def Comedy Jam” and in the Tony-winning production of “Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway,” including its national tour.

Watch Mayda Del Valle perform at LA Raise the Wage Rally:

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