Day, Meg 2019

Friday, November 15, 2019
Six Points Reading Series with Meg Day and Jonathan Mendoza
The Whistler



I knew I was a god
when you could not
agree on my name
& still, none you spoke
could force me to listen

            – Meg Day, “Portrait of My Gender as [Inaudible]”

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Watch Meg Day perform her poem “Elegy in Translation”:

Poem-a-Day: “Elegy in Translation” by Meg Day

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In some other life, I can hear you
breathing: a pale sound like running
fingers through tangled hair. I dreamt
again of swimming in the quarry
& surfaced here when you called for me
in a voice only my sleeping self could
know. Now the dapple of the aspen
respires on the wall & the shades cut
its song a staff of light.

Meg Day, “10 AM is When You Come to Me”

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Watch Meg Day in “The future lives in our bodies,” a virtual reading and discussion on poetry and disability justice:

“The future lives in our bodies”: Poetry & Disability Justice | March 13, 2022

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