doan, mai c. 2019

Wednesday, April 26, 2019
Six Points Reading Series with Jan-Henry Gray, Xan Phillips, and mai c. doan
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after a dream, a scene opens. meaning, a vision arrives. inside my third eye. trees stretch up and fill the scene. cottonwoods. the grandmother trees of the bosque. also (in the) opening: a girl in a red dress, curled up in dirt. budding against roots. home in the ground. the scene opens and she is opening inside of it. or inside of me. this is how she begins. and i am beginning too.

              – mai c. doan, “Late Summer 2020”

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i want
a party of skin
and smoke
and phosphorescent
light. i want to be
out late twirling
under some queer
luminescence and vibrating
with sound.

              – mai c. doan, “tonight”

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