Quesada, Ruben 2017

Thursday, June 14, 2017
GROOVE-A-THON with Tara Betts, Kristy Bowen, RJ Eldridge, and Simone Muench
Innertown Pub


Papá dances
to the electric beat of the marimba,
his cheek bristly against Mamá’s
neck; his thick fingers sift
through her wispy hair. I am nowhere
to be found

              – Ruben Quesada, “Last Photograph of My Parents”

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Resisting Taste, with Ruben Quesada – Jam Tarts Magazine

Frederick Speers: Thanks for taking time to talk with me, Ruben, and for sharing your thoughts with the readers of Jam Tarts. So much of your poetry seems to be about love and loss. Would you say you’re a love poet? And if so, what kind(s) of love do you write about?

it is a gray so slick you can see your smile reflected in winter’s
glen; you’ve become the sky, your face filling the heavens. All that is left is the faint smell of
lavender lingering like a bruise. I refuse to lose you. 

Ruben Quesada, “On Witness”

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