Fagan, Kathy 2017

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Poetry in the Parks with Keith S. Wilson
Humboldt Park



This is where I sat
in the avalanche.
In winter,
where I was born,
you pulled a cord of silk in your beautiful hand.

              – Kathy Fagan, “Snow Globe”

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Read this interview with Kathy Fagan:

“All the Leading and Leaping”: An Interview With Kathy Fagan – The Ploughshares Blog

Kathy Fagan’s poems explore the mysteries in the matter-of-fact; they bring a sharp eye and tender heart to the exact and strange particulars of life. Her fifth book of poems, Sycamore, was published earlier this year. We caught up over email to talk about this beautiful new book.

We girls saved our cigarette ashes to fade our Levis with.
We crisped our hair with curling wands.
We always smelled like smoke, playing
as we did with fire 

– Kathy Fagan, “”Where I Am Going”/ “I Dare to Live””

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Watch Kathy Fagan read for the Chicago Poetry Center, with Keith S. Wilson:

Kathy Fagan starts reading at 20:33.

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