Coleman, Aaron 2017

Thursday, Aug 31, 2017
Poetry in the Parks with Vida Cross



 I am made of what I am afraid to remember. Come tell me more
about what I was—about the brothers, mind-ancient now, fleeing
Mississippi with spilled moon ready in their eyes. 

              – Aaron Coleman, “Very Many Hands”

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DOGBYTES interview: Aaron Coleman

A Cave Canem Fellow and Fulbright Scholar from Metro-Detroit, Aaron Coleman is the winner of the Tupelo Quarterly Poetry Contest, The Cincinnati Review Schiff Award, and the American Literary Translator Association’s Jansen Memorial Fellowship. His chapbook, St. Trigger, won the 2015 Button Poetry Prize, and his work can be found in Apogee, Boston Review, Fence, New York Times Magazine, and elsewhere.

Faith, let me be rootless, fluent
as pain and change-slick water. I am you and falling through
darkness in my mind, soft spill of dying fireflies, impatient
in this body, this brink, scheme, see: in here I can’t look back. 

– Aaron Coleman, “To Whom— To What— Do I Belong”

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Aaron Coleman – On Acquiescence

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