Erlichman, Shira 2017

Friday, Februdary 10, 2017
with Angel Nafis
Women & Children First Bookstore

Who unlocks
the door to let you in, like a wet cat How did you lift the heaviest
season from my eyelids, sweeping away a whole cloud How do you
pollinate my blood so exactly with sanity

– Shira Erlichman, “Ode to Lithium #1: The Watchman”

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Read this interview with Shira Erlichman from Nomadic Press:

Someone’s unprofessional opinion
was to “relax” over matter. To sandcastle over
wave. They aimed to clean up a murder scene
from behind a plate of glass. It was my murder.

– Shira Erlichman, “Ode to Lithium #75: Mind over Matter”

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Watch Shira Erlichman read “Excuse Me, I Lost My Compass, Can I Borrow Yours” at WordXWord Poetry Festival:

Shira Erlichman – Excuse Me, I Lost My Compass, Can I Borrow Yours

Shira Erlichman performs her poem “Excuse Me, I Lost My Compass, Can I Borrow Yours” February 16, 2013 at Y Bar, Pittsfield, MA as part of the WordXWord 10×10 Poetry Festival.

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