Jemc, Jac 2016

Wednesday, July 20, 2016
with Kevin Coval
Innertown Pub


This the longing
Housed beneath my shoulder blades
My lungs became like this for me:
small and unsteady. 

– Jac Jemc, “Wound”

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An Interview with Jac Jemc, Author of My Only Wife

At this year’s AWP conference in Seattle, we passed booth after booth of beautifully decorated books. Yet, none held our gaze longer than the black-and-white patterned cover of Dzanc Books ‘s My Only Wife , which-after a quick and enjoyed read-proved to be so much more than a pre

the catenary course of depression
like italics forced the opposite
if you get depressed remember
you have a body

– Jac Jemc, “Subterranean Triptych”

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Watch Jac Jemc read her work at Notre Dame University:

Jac Jemc Reading on September 9, 2015

Uploaded by Notre Dame Creative Writing on 2015-09-10.

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