Case, Mairead 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016
with Holly Amos and Dan Magers
Mars Gallery


A girl, she’s Tiny. She is beautiful and she knows it, not from arrogance or magazines but because she trusts herself. This is hard, not cute.

– Mairead Case, “Tiny”

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Read this interview with Mairead Case from Bookslut:


An Interview with Mairead Case For a long time, Mairead Case has been like a river, running smoothly just under the surface of the literary world, keeping everything green.

We had a small bed so there was room for the keyboard. While I wrote he wore headphones so I just heard clicks. After writing I’d bring a book to bed and he’d take the headphones off. One song on loop. Sometimes I was sleepy so don’t remember anything else.

– Mairead Case, “Nine sounds fifty words, after Firth”

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Watch Mairead Case read some of her work:

Mairead Case reads at Tuesday Funk #55

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