Moore, Jennifer 2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
with Hadara Bar-Nadav
Chicago Cultural Center


I took aim and let the horseshoe go;
it hooked the stake in the sand and landed.
Two dead and three, then three ringers three.
Non-contact sports have their own erotic appeal.

– Jennifer Moore, “I Took Aim and Let the Horseshoe Go”

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Poetry Spotlight: Contributor Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore is the author of the newly released The Veronica Maneuver (University of Akron Press) and the chapbook What the Spigot Said (High5 Press). Her poems have appeared in American Letters & Commentary, Best New Poets, Columbia Poetry Review, Barrow Street, and elsewhere, including Memorious, where the poem “The Veronica Maneuver” first appeared.

A bee died on the carpet. A bee died
and I vacuumed him up, a whole body gone.
Though it’s just an apparatus, a plastic wand,
it’s a privilege for the sucker to suck.

– Jennifer Moore, “A Bee Died on the Carpet”

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