Marchetti, Sandra 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015
with Stuart Dybek
Chicago Cultural Center


You miss it, craning
away from verdancy.
Pause in this place
while I glaze you;
my head tilts
a direction you can’t read.

– Sandra Marchetti, “Sur l’herbe”

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When I’ve read this poem at events or workshops, most folks think of it as a take on Bishop’s “The Fish.” And, of course, Bishop is well known for her fishing imagery, being from Nova Scotia, etc. My favorite poem of hers is “At the Fishhouses,” which provides the epigraph for my full-length collection, Confluence.

I listen to your fishing
story and wonder,
does anyone cook
the catch anymore?

– Sandra Marchetti, “Imagination”

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Waterline Writers March 16, 2014 – Sandra Marchetti

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