Lemke, Dolly 2015

Thursday, August 6, 2015
with Fred Sasaki
Chicago Cultural Center

Her words became us    a honey that hurt
Suppose we could describe movement
through bluestem and aster

– Dolly Lemke, “Girl Cento”

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Previous editorial board member Kelsey Hoff interviews Dollhouse Reading Series curators Dolly Lemke and Holly Amos.

 however those unhappy flowers are spelt
I will make room for the ranunculus, there are many parts of the ringlets and facets.  Simple for the lichen
to mock the angel.  You could chart everything by the organization of this tree.

– Dolly Lemke, “Woman descending stairs as if a portrait is made upon arrival.”

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Dolly Lemke @ Poetry & Pints

Grand Rapids, 1.20.2013, Harmony Brewing Company

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