American Poets Reading 2003

Thursday, March 6, 2003
American Poets Reading
Traci DantDuriel Harris, Patricia McMillen, and Andrew Zawacki


I come
from a family
that twice names
its own.
One name
for the world.

– Traci Dant, “A Twice Named Family”

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Gilded, the jaw forgets
fracture at the pointer’s tip
(red jaw, forgotten rings
inadvertent discord, picked up,
thrown into anger). To say
I feel like breaking something

– Duriel Harris, “self portrait in relief”

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If it be warfare, let it be mistress
and midnight up that slope,
not reticent in a weather
of withdrawal, its salmon-roe tint,
the shabby grass it grazes

– Andrew Zawacki, “Any Other Eviction, Than The Frequent”

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