Forché, Carolyn


Swallows carve lake wind,
trailers lined up, fish tins.
The fires of a thousand small camps
spilled on a hillside.

– Carolyn Forché, “Skin Canoes”

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Read this interview with Carolyn Forché from Under Warm A Green Linden:

Under A Warm Green Linden

arolyn Forché is the author of four award-winning books of poetry; the most recent is C Blue Hour. She is also the editor of the anthology Against Forgetting: Twentieth-Century Poetry of Witness. She has translated the poetry of Claribel Alegria, Robert Desnos, and Mahmoud Darwish. She teaches at Georgetown University.

The bleached wood massed in bone piles,
we pulled it from dark beach and built
fire in a fenced clearing.
The posts’ blunt stubs sank down,
they circled and were roofed by milled
lumber dragged at one time to the coast.
We slept there.

– Carolyn Forché, “Kalaloch”

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Watch Carolyn Forché discuss the poetry of witness with Roland Flint for the Howard County Poetry and Literature Society:

Carolyn Forché talks about the poetry of witness

Carolyn Forché is best known for The Country Between Us (1981), the stunning poems from her work in El Salvador for Amnesty International. In this talk with Roland Flint, Forché describes Against Forgetting, the 800-page anthology she published in 1993.

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