Dickey, James

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Coming into Ellijay on the green
Idling freeway of the broad river
From the hill farms and pine woods,
We saw first the little stores
That backed down the red clay banks,
The blue flash of bottleglass
And the rippled tin heat-haze of sheds

– James Dickey, “Below Ellijay”

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The Art of Poetry No. 20

Photograph by Christopher Dicky In 1960, when he was thirty-seven-an age at which most men have abandoned pretenses at having creative gifts-James Dickey published his first book of poetry, Into the Stone, a Scribner’s Poets of Today volume that he shared wit…

The sea here used to look
As if many convicts had built it,
Standing deep in their ankle chains,
Ankle-deep in the water, to smite
The land and break it down to salt.
I was in this bog as a child

– James Dickey, “At Darien Bridge”

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Watch James Dickey read his poem, “Cherrylog Road,” in 1980:

James Dickey reads “Cherrylog Road,” c. 1980

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