Carpenter, John and Bogdana 2001

Tribute to Zbigniew Herbert
Wednesday, February 21, 2001


He fell from her knees like a ball of yarn.
He unwound in a hurry and ran blindly away.
She held the beginning of life. She would wind it
on her finger like a ring, she wanted to preserve him.

– Zbigniew Herbert, “Mother” (translated by John & Bogdana Carpenter)

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Read this interview between Zbigniew Herbert and John & Bogdana Carpenter from The Manhattan Review:


from Conversation on Writing Poetry: An Interview with Zbigniew Herbert Mr. Herbert had consented to be interviewed in early July, 1984, when he was staying outside Warsaw and devoting his time to writing. He returned to his apartment in Warsaw on July 12th for the interview with Bogdana and John Carpenter.

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