Ignatow, David 1983

Friday, May 13, 1983


Interesting that I have to live with my skeleton.
It stands, prepared to emerge, and I carry it
with me–this other thing I will become at death,
and yet it keeps me erect and limber in my walk,
my rival.

– David Ignatow, “My skeleton, my rival”

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The Art of Poetry No. 23

Photograph by LaVerne Harrell Clark 02/17/1971 David Ignatow keeps an apartment in Queens close to York College where he teaches-four small rooms with bare walls. The windows of the living-room look out on a quaint cemetery dating back to the late 1700s. On its far side runs the BMT J…

I carry my keys like a weapon,
their points bunched together
and held outwards in the palm
for a step too close behind me
as I approach the subway through the

– David Ignatow, “To Nowhere”

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Listen to David Ignatow read his poem, “What about dying:”

David Ignatow reads What about dying

David Ignatow reads his poem What about dying.

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