Dobyns, Stephen 1988

Friday, February 26, 1988


Ashes, the dissonance of unicorns: the edges
of my written name begin to curl, the ink
still visible through the fire. In absence of stars,
my natality card remains safely in Washington.

– Stephen Dobyns, “Name-Burning”

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This week, the magazine features “Determination,” by Stephen Dobyns. I had the chance to ask the author about the kindling and spark that fed this comic poem. “Determination” begins with and loops back to that infamously slippery “first word” of the blank page.

Groggy, sure, and in the midst of bad dreams,
it must have been a dispirited awakening–
expecting everything settled, the long night
without interruption suddenly interrupted,

– Stephen Dobyns, “The Mercy of Lazarus”

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Stephen Dobyns October 27, 2011 Produced by the Georgia Tech Cable Network

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