Benedikt, Michael 1980

Friday, December 5, 1980


The tulips never really hurt
As they rose up in the night
Thrashing over the bed

– Michael Benedikt, “Tulips”

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Wise, Funny Poems, Saved From The Trash Bin In The Nick Of ‘Time’

The Selected Poems of Michael Benedikt Paperback, 225 pages | It always feels good to see a poet rescued from oblivion. Michael Benedikt (1935-2007), a prominent figure in the poetry scene of the 1960s and 70s, was not exactly an important poet, but he was – and in his work, he remains – a deeply enjoyable one.

Fraudulent days, the surfaces collapse
When against them you press your finger
The beautiful brick suit
When you scrape it is only a tinsel clothing
The whole upper stories of the building
Touched, is a seagull’s back, revealed

– Michael Benedikt, “Fraudulent Days”

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