Wright, Franz 2004

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


We speak of Heaven who have not yet accomplished
even this, the holiness of things
precisely as they are, and never will

– Franz Wright, “Presience”

Broadside of Franz Wright's poem, "Prescience."

Broadside of Franz Wright’s poem, “Prescience.”

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In the Beforelife: Franz Wright

Franz Wright, the author of thirteen books of poetry, talks to The New Yorker’s poetry editor, Alice Quinn, about his new book, his career as a poet, and his relationship with his father, the poet James Wright. Also, three of Wright’s new poems.

Say I had no choice, this weightless finger touched my tongue and told me to, it taught
me; when kinder and more subtle methods failed, it put a gun to my head, a zero
seared coldly in one temple, electrode glued chill to the other

– Franz Wright, “Circle”

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