Weigl, Bruce 2007

Wednesday, November 11, 2007
with Brian Turner


The robin is so quarrelsome. He barks to no one in the trees;
he fluffs his body twice its size and rattles in the leaves.
He doesn’t know or won’t accept the nest is empty now,
the eggs a tatter on the ground.

– Bruce Weigl, “Pastoral as Complaint”

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Brandon Dameshek, “An Interview with Bruce Weigl” / Memorious 2

Bruce Wiegl is the author of nine books of poetry, most recently The Unraveling Strangeness (2002, Grove/Atlantic). Weigl was born in Lorain, Ohio on January 27, 1949, and served in the Army during the Vietnam War, earning a Bronze Star. His first chapbook, Executioner, came out in 1976 when he was 27 years old.

Because this evening Miss Hoang Yen
sat down with me in the small
tiled room of her family house
I am unable to sleep.

– Bruce Weigl, “Her Life Runs Like a Red Silk Flag”

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