Waldman, Anne 2002

Wednesday, December 4, 2002

anne waldman

Sweet tones conjure
no song but
old vintaged
one –

– Anne Waldman, “She–Who–Must–Explicate”

Broadside of Anne Waldman’s poem, “She—Who—Must—Explicate.”

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Listen to Anne Waldman’s 2002 reading for the Poetry Center of Chicago:


Audio recording of the Poetry Center Reading Series featuring Billy Collins, Andrei Codrescu, Ron Padgett, Lucille Clifton, Mark Perlberg, Li-Young Lee, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Anne Waldman, Yusuf Komunyakaa, Lisel Mueller, Ted Kooser, Paul Carroll, Jorie Graham, and Paul Hoover.

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Spooky summer on the horizon I’m gazing at
from my window into the streets
That’s where it’s going to be where everyone is
walking around, looking around out in the open
suspecting each other’s heart to open fire
all over the streets

– Anne Waldman, “Revolution”

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