Vandenberg, Katrina 2004

Monday, October, 18, 2004
with Misty Harper and Kristy Bowen


And what if you could step outside yourself,
could walk the streets of your old life after dark
until you found yourself in the lit window
of the bungalow on the April night you packed
your dead lover’s clothes in a box you weighted
with his shoes, and saw yourself opening your arms

– Katrina Vandenberg, “Suppose”

Broadside of “Suppose” by Katrina Vandenberg

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Katrina Vandenberg begins at 21:11 minutes.

about the old neighbor who lives alone, the woman
no one has seen in years, if at all. Say she cracked
her yellowed shade and spoke to you, soon after
you moved in, mid-winter. Change the locks,

– Katrina Vandenberg, “Say something”

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