Jordan, A. Van 2007

Wednesday, October 17, 2007
with Tyehimba Jess


If one rainy night you find yourself
leaving a phone booth, and you meet a man
with a lavendar umbrella, resist
your desire to follow him, to seek
shelter from the night in his solace.

– A. Van Jordan, “Old Boy”

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Listen to A. Van Jordan’s 2007 reading with Tyehimba Jess at the Poetry Center of Chicago:

A. Van Jordan begins at 21:22 minutes.

Watch A. Van Jordan read some of his poetry:

In my car, driving through Black Mountain,
North Carolina, I listen to what
sounds like Doris Day shooting
heroin inside Sly Stone’s throat.

– A. Van Jordan, “‘Que Sera Sera'”

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JESSICA PLANTE is former Poetry Editor at The Greensboro Review and a graduate of the UNC-Greensboro MFA Program and the MA program at University of North Texas. Her book reviews and poems have appeared, or are forthcoming, in the American Poetry Journal, Birdfeast, The Collagist, storySouth, Tirage Monthly, The North Texas Review, and Writer’s Bloc.

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