Baca, Jimmy Santiago 2006

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

jimmy santiago baca

that there is a great power within us, that when used in purity,
unselfishness and immaculate thought,
cures, heals and causes miracles
and now assists me in my journey–

– Jimmy Santiago Baca, excerpt from “Healing Earth”

Broadside of excerpt from "Healing Earth" by Jimmy Santiago Baca.

Broadside of excerpt from “Healing Earth” by Jimmy Santiago Baca.

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And the convicts themselves, at the mummy’s
feet, blood-splattered leather, at this one’s feet,
they become cobras sucking life out of their brothers,
they fight for rings and money and drugs,
in this pit of pain their teeth bare fangs,
to fight for what morsels they can. . . .

– Jimmy Santiago Baca, “They Are Black”

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