Odelius, Kristy 2005

Wednesday, February 9, 2005
with Joel Craig and Srikanth Reddy

know why they despise vibrato.
Hovering suddenly above the alley,
into the open dumpster they fly
sucking Slurpees singing “I lick
the wind’s behind”…

– Kristy Odelius, “The virgins of Chicago”

Broadside of “The virgins of Chicago” by Kristy Odelius

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And when the reds arrive moving as if toward a name
Or a distant cabana, zero in on a shelter
As a generation glides with ignorance and grace

– Kristy Odelius, “Cardio/sky”

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Kristy Odelius

Rabbit Light Movies Episode #13 Summer 2011 Filmed March 1st 2011 in Wicker Park, Chicago

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