Notley, Alice 1975; 1984

Friday, April 18, 1975
An Homage to Frank O’Hara
Friday, November 30, 1984
with Paul Carroll

What I lose you let me, accusation
always gets one in. But I want to talk like the dead
remember that town where we went or
how do I know when I’m just a soul – not
when I’m leading?

– Alice Notely, “My Sea”

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Watch a Alice Notley read her work at the University of Chicago:

Alice Notley – Poetry Reading at UChicago

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An old woman of indeterminate race, in white hat
and scarf, no teeth staring back at me.
He sounded brittle and superior last night, do the
dead do that; Grandma had a plethora of tones of voice
compared to anyone in this anthology…

– Alice Notley, “The Anthology”

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Read an interview with Alice Notely from the Boston Review:

“At the Mercy of My Poetic Voice”: An Interview with Alice Notley

Collaged fan. Image provided by Alice Notley. -Lindsay Turner Talking with Alice Notley, I was equally struck by her ferocious integrity-her insistence, for example, that we avoid discussing poetry in terms of a “project,” a term that had initially appeared in my first question for her, or her assertion of her poetry’s disobedience “against all [her] contemporaries, both avant-garde and mainstream”-and by her generosity.

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