Mitchell, Roger 1995

February, 1995
with Lucien Stryk

When they found her prostrate in the garden,
talking to a beetle, they locked her in the loft.
There it was spiders. For them, she danced
and made strange noises in her throat.

– Roger Mitchell, “Cinderella” 

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Roger Mitchell

Roger Mitchell’s new and selected, Lemon Peeled the Moment Before , came out from Ausable Press in 2008. The author of ten books of poetry, …

A history of some sort, one that made us,
a war and what the war had meant, or since
meaning eludes war, what it did to the look
of the trees and the sides of the buildings,
most of which survived, only to be torn down
later to widen the street or put up a new
office complex. There it was on the shelf.

– Roger Mitchell, “A Book on a Shelf”

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