Merrill, James 1985

Wednesday, April 17, 1985
Vintage poster of James Merrill's reading at the Poetry Center of Chicago.

Vintage poster of James Merrill’s reading at the Poetry Center of Chicago.

The hand with a seagull purpose falls upon
Sand where the beach is barren: through clean light
From eye’s blue zenith, past seascapes of blue,
Falls on grey sand; yet stenciled in its fall

– James Merrill, “Accumulations of the Sea”

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Listen to James Merrill read some of his poetry at the 1969 Glascock Poetry Contest:

The boatman rowed into
That often-sung impasse.
Each visitor foreknew
A floor of lilting glass,
A vault of stone, lit blue.

– James Merrill, “The Blue Grotto”

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Read an interview with James Merrill from the Paris Review:

The Art of Poetry No. 31

Courtesy Rollie Mckenna Collection. My first glimpse of James Merrill, a dozen years ago, was in black and white. It was a photograph of him, in the Brinnin and Read anthology called The Modern Poets. He had just turned toward the camera-his mouth slightly open, as if not expecti…

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