Meltzer, David 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

In the hole he counted heartbeats
but got scared they’d stop
listened to broken pipes
under the shit-hole in the floor
finally read the Bible they give you
but his religion wasn’t in a book

– David Meltzer, “The Art/The Veil”

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Interview with poet David Meltzer

Interview with poet David Meltzer The poem as artifact and child of his own fertile imagination matters more than ever before to David Meltzer, 78. “I was hoping the book would be out in time for April’s Fool’s Day,” Meltzer explained from his home in Oakland. […]

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When I Was A Poet by David Meltzer

Poet David Meltzer reads his poem “When I Was A Poet” at Marina Lazzara and J Lee’s Equinox party- 9/17/16

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