Madhubuti, Haki 2003

Tuesday, October 21, 2003
with Michael Anania

their memory occupies our dreams,
our waking minutes and the
seconds of our deep contemplations.
we are now in the rough tomorrows
of pain, outrage and reordering.

– Haki Madhubuti, “When 21 Is More Than A Number”

Broadside of “When 21 Is More Than A Number” by Haki Madhubuti

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Listen to Haki Madhubuti’s 2003 reading at the Poetry Center of Chicago:

Who has the moral high ground?
Fifteen blocks from the whitehouse
on small corners in northwest, d.c.
boys disguised as me rip each other’s hearts out
with weapons made in china. they fight for territory.

– Haki Madhubuti, “Rwanda: Where Tears Have No Power”

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Watch an interview with Haki Madhubuti:

Haki Madhubuti Interview

On the south side of Chicago The Authors Road met with noted poet, writer, educator and publisher, Haki Madhubuti. In this video he explains his birth in LIttle Rock and his growing up in Detroit and eventual discovery of like-minded writers through his local library.

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