Laughlin, James 1983

Friday, February 11, 1983

Catullus is my master and I mix
a little acid and a bit of honey
in his bowl love
is my subject & the lack of love
which lack is what evil a
poet must strike

– James Laughlin, “Technical Notes”

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The Art of Publishing No. 1, Part 1

James Laughlin. New Directions A frequent traveler since the thirties, James Laughlin has always returned to the family home in rural Connecticut where he runs New Directions’ affairs from Meadow House, a simple frame structure beside a pasture, where often a small flock of sh…

Last night you came into my
dreams as wild as a bird that
has flown in an open window

– James Laughlin, “The Prisoner”

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Listen to James Laughlin reading his poem, “Experience of Blood:”

James Laughlin reading “Experience of Blood”

James Laughlin (1914-1997), Pittsburgh born poet and founder of New Directions books, reading the poem “Experience of Blood” in 1996. The piece reflects on the tragic death of Laughlin’s son, Robert.

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