Lansana, Quraysh Ali 2003

Monday, November 3, 2003
with Simone Muench and Jennifer Grotz

folk live in ma bones
breathe ma breath
we night like skin

– Quraysh Ali Lansana, “burdens”

Broadside of “Elegy for the Unsaid” by Simone Muench, “Try” by Jennifer Grotz, and “burdens” by Quraysh Ali Lansana

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Listen to an interview with Quraysh Ali Lansana from WBEZ:

Quraysh Ali Lansana talks about his work and the ‘Verse Journalism’ project

Chicago’s own Gwendolyn Brooks coined the term “verse journalism.” The idea is turning to news for poetic inspiration. Lansana talks with Afternoon Shift about his work and the series, which was recorded in collaboration with the Neighborhood Writing Alliance, a station partner.

dis suit of clothes jus as empty
as a sky wid no stars
two years a workin    savin money
den    john drop out my heart

– Quraysh Ali Lansana, “hole”

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Watch Quraysh Ali Lansana discuss his book of poems, The Walmart Republic, for the Academy of American Poets:

Quraysh Ali Lansana: The Walmart Republic

Quraysh Ali Lansana stops by the Academy of American Poets to discuss his latest book of poems, The Walmart Republic, cowritten by Christopher Stewart. *For highest quality playback, change your view settings using the gear icon to 720p HD.

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