Kumin, Maxine 1976

Friday, March 19, 1976

Lately I am changing houses like sneakers and socks.
Time zones wrinkle off me casually.
I have put aside with the laundry
a row of borrowed kitchens, look-alikes
in which I crack the eggs and burn the toast
but even in Danville, Kentucky, my ghosts
come along, they relocate as easily as livestock

Maxine Kumin, “The Knot”

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Watch Maxine Kumin read three poems:

Maxine Kumin reading three poems at the Dodge Poetry Festival 9/26/08

“After Love”, “Summer Meditation” and “The Final Poem”

The last grasshoppers
thinner than political prisoners
breast up out of the goldenrod.
They know they are flying into
the end of the journey.

– Maxine Kumin, “The Eternal Lover”

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