Koo, Jason 2014

Friday, August 29, 2014
with Simone Muench and Roger Reeves
Chicago Cultural Center

Just popped the collar of my robe in this motherfucker,
I.e. kitchen, as I make some sweet-ass hash browns.
Is that the start of a poem? It’s barely the start of breakfast.

– Jason Koo, “Morning, Motherfucker”

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Roger Reeves, Simone Muench, and Jason Koo at the Poetry Center of Chicago’s Six Points Reading Series, August 29, 2014.

 Today I’m thinking of all the people not in love: I’m with you!
I’d like to say, though one of the conditions
Of not being in love is that you can’t hear other people not in love.

– Jason Koo, “Target”

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Watch Jason Koo read his poem, “Shopping with Mayakovsky:”

Jason Koo reads “Shopping with Mayakovsky”

Jason Koo reads “Shopping with Mayakovsky” Sacramento Poetry Center November 22, 2010

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