Knott, Bill 1975

Friday, May 23, 1975
My Favorite Angel

…do not mock us with examples
of breach, morals of escape –
indeed, as further punishment
our cells from side to side…

– Bill Knott, “Stretch”

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Vintage poster of Bill Knott's reading at the Poetry Center of Chicago.

Vintage poster of Bill Knott’s reading at the Poetry Center of Chicago.

Those scars rooted me. Stigmata stalagmite
I sate at a drive-in and watched the stars
Through a straw while the Coke in my lap went
Waterier and waterier. For days on end or

– Bill Knott, “The Consolations of Sociobiology”

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An Interview with Bill Knott I knew close to nothing about Bill Knott before we did this interview. The Unsubscriber is his first book in at least a decade, and articles on him are rare.* Yet he seems legendary.

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