Joseph, Allison 1999

Wednesday, October 13, 1999
with Carolyn Kizer

rather scurry to my driveway to study
the moon’s abrupt phrases than kneel
with bucket and mop to banish shadows
that have sprung up on my kitchen…

– Allison Joseph, “Little Epiphanies”

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Listen to Allison Joseph’s 1999 reading with Carolyn Kizer at the Poetry Center of Chicago:

Allison Joseph begins at 5:00 minutes.

Watch Allison Joseph read her work:

Poetry@Tech: Allison Joseph

Poetry@Tech Presents: Allison Joseph September 25, 2009 Produced by the Georgia Tech Cable Network

Don’t show your face in a sundown  town,
or forget your race in a sundown town.
What ancient shame flushes my cheeks?
Reminded of my place in a sundown town.

– Allison Joseph, “Sundown Ghazal”

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Allison Joseph, Poet, Interviewed by Kiandra Jimenez

Allison Joseph is the author of six poetry books: What Keeps Us Here (Ampersand, 1992), Soul Train (Carnegie Mellon University Press, 1997), In Every Seam (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1997), Imitation of Life (Carnegie Mellon, 2003), Worldly Pleasures (WordTech Communications, 2004), Voice: Poems (Mayapple Press, 2009), and My Father’s Kites: Poems (Steel Toe Books, 2010).

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