Grotz, Jennifer 2003

Monday, November 3, 2003
with Simone Muench and Quraysh Ali Lansana

To love the world is what you try to do,
describe the trash, the bombs, the fisted greed
when it does not love back, does not love you.

– Jennifer Grotz, “Try”

Broadside of “Elegy for the Unsaid” by Simone Muench, “Try” by Jennifer Grotz, and “burdens” by Quraysh Ali Lansana

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Eyes wide like an owl’s, an aspirin-pale face
foretells in lamplight how it accumulates age.
Somewhat masked, somewhat naked, there’s no way
to know what others see when looking at it.
All five of the body’s senses crowd
on this small planet a weather of hair surrounds.

– Jennifer Grotz, “The Window at Night”

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Jennifer Grotz

Jennifer Grotz is the author of poetry collections such as The Needle. Reading. Reading carefully twenty to thirty poems by two or three poets is always enough to provoke/inspire me into writing something. It gives me something to mimic or respond to or rage against or love.

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