Flint, Roland 1994

Thursday, January 13, 1994
with Garrison Keillor

In his Saturday woodcraft classes,
During the war, to tall John Bina
We were equally poets, who taught us
To make ducks, guns, or dowels from wood.

– Roland Flint, “First Poem”

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Listen to Roland Flint’s 1994 reading with Garrison Keillor at the Poetry Center of Chicago:

Roland Flint begins at 21:50 minutes.

Any day’s writing may be the last,
He’s reminded at 2 in the morning,
Making this year’s last Italian
Notes, before readying his machine
And self to get aboard the bigger
Machine and fly, Dio Volente, home.

– Roland Flint, “Prayer”

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The craft of Roland Flint

The late poet Roland Flint speaks with Linda Pastan during his 1999 service as Maryland Poet Laureate. A former professor at Georgetown University and author of seven books of poetry, Flint talks of his last collection, Easy, with the poet Pastan. They discuss the irony and “reverberation” of the title poem after Flint reads it.

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