Durbin, Kate 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My spectators loved my Orange County neighborhood
in the sluggish melt of summer:
avocados thudding to earth,
bougainvillea petals browning the asphalt,
the old woman with Aqua-net hair
hosing her Bermuda grass.

– Kate Durbin, “Captives”

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Read this interview with Kate Durbin from BOMB Magazine:


I don’t remember learning how. Only not knowing, then knowing. Before: lines chickens made in the dirt inside the coop; circles and triangles I drew in the garden mud with my fingers. The only meaning attributed these symbols, that of a child’s whimsy.

– Kate Durbin, “Unlearning to Read”

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Watch Kate Durbin read from her chapbook, “Kept Women,” at the Bureau of Experimental Speech and Holy Theses:

Kate Durbin reads Kept Women during BESHT Gallery Hours! 2012-12-16 (2 of 5)

Kate Durbin reads from her “Kept Women” (Parrot Press, 2012), meanwhile Prof. Padu Paga does a pipe smoking performance to accompany. Broadcast live on 12/16/2012 from the Bureau of Experimental Speech and Holy Theses (BESHT), located at the Pomona College Museum of Art! https://www.facebook.com/BESHTx


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