Doty, Mark 1994

Wednesday, December 14, 1994
with Stuart Dybek

Suddenly the stairs seem to climb down themselves,
atomized plaster billowing: dust of 1907’s
rooming house, this year’s bake shop and florist’s,
the ghosts of their signs faint above the windows
lined, last week, with loaves and blooms.

– Mark Doty, “Demolition”

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Mark Doty (1) – December 1998 Feature

FEATURE Mark Doty Mark Wunderlich interviews Mark Doty Bruce Canwell Writers on Writing 5: It Takes All Kinds R.T. Smith A Day in the Life of poet and editor R.T. Smith. Mark Doty is the author of four poetry collections, the most recent of which isSweet Machine, published in 1998 by Harper Flamingo, and the memoirHeaven’s Coast, which won the PEN/Martha Albrand Award for First Nonfiction.

Wrapped in gold foil, in the search
and shouting of Easter Sunday,
it was the ball of the princess,
it was Pharoah’s body
sleeping in its golden case.

– Mark Doty, “Ararat”

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Mark Doty reading at the 2006 Dodge Poetry Festival

“The House of Beauty”

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