Curdy, Averill 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I left you where you are:
A humming late summer afternoon
& mottled by shade a man reading a letter
Becomes the image of a man reading
That I am forgetting.

– Averill Curdy, “Ovid in America”

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Listen to Averill Curdy read her poetry in the Poetry Magazine Podcast:

Averill Curdy begins at 6:40 minutes.

It will be another artifact when found,
The wallet gone, of course, the phone.
On a metal desk lies the rest tossed
Into the vast, municipal ether, a static
Of things whose signal owner is lost.

– Averill Curdy, “Evidence”

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AGNI Online: The Aural Heft of Words & Ovid in America: A Conversation with Averill Curdy by Jacqueline Kolosov

I was pretty conscious at times of trying new perspectives, writing in second person, close third, etc. as a way of teaching myself. Often in revision if I’m stuck, I’ll change the point of view or change the line and see what happens.

We could be dead and this
our little limbo. Where breathless,
blind, cramped we find
a table laid with the sterling world
we’d lost.

– Averill Curdy, “Dark Room”

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