Codrescu, Andrei 2001

Wednesday, October 10, 2001
Chicago Historical Society

It’s worth less
than a sandwich-man
I say but I can
already see
that little Black
is the first of an army…

– Andrei Codrescu, “The American Dream”

Broadside of “The American Dream” by Andrei Codrescu

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Listen to Andrei Codrescu read his work for the Poetry Center Reading Series:

Andrei Codrescu begins speaking at 7:00 minutes.

I dream of soft furry things with inward claws
lodged in my brain
who open when it rains.

– Andrei Codrescu, “The Best Side Of Me”

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Audio recording of the Poetry Center Reading Series featuring Billy Collins, Andrei Codrescu, Ron Padgett, Lucille Clifton, Mark Perlberg, Li-Young Lee, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Anne Waldman, Yusuf Komunyakaa, Lisel Mueller, Ted Kooser, Paul Carroll, Jorie Graham, and Paul Hoover.

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