Clifton, Lucille 2004

Friday, May 12, 2004

she will continue for over
thirty years emptying and
filling      sistering the moon
on its wild ride

– Lucille Clifton, “blood”

Broadside of “blood” by Lucille Clifton

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Listen to Lucille Clifton’s 2004 reading for the Poetry Center of Chicago:

curling them around
i hold their bodies in obscene embrace
thinking of everything but kinship.

– Lucille Clifton, “cutting greens”

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Audio recording of the Poetry Center Reading Series featuring Billy Collins, Andrei Codrescu, Ron Padgett, Lucille Clifton, Mark Perlberg, Li-Young Lee, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Anne Waldman, Yusuf Komunyakaa, Lisel Mueller, Ted Kooser, Paul Carroll, Jorie Graham, and Paul Hoover.

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