Boully, Jenny 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010
with Simone Muench


For years, I dreamt of the child who, when I reached out to her,
turned into a sheet of paper, and so, in waking hours, I wrote and
wrote and wrote and my friends consoled me: see, you have book
babies; this, while I looked on at other women who knit bibs and
booties, so many booties, such small socks. 

– Jenny Boully, “The more Alice reaches out, the more her dream-rushes”

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Spotlight: Jenny Boully

Caught in the belly of a whale within a turgid sea and among me the sorry remains of little fish. There is no color of blood. (You see, the island will be full of strange foreboding.)

– Jenny Boully, “Six Black & White Movies, in Which I Do Not Find You”

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Creative Nonfiction Craft Capsule: Jenny Boully

Essayist Jenny Boully delivers a craft talk called “Beginnings and Endings: Revising Lives in Nonfiction.” Video by Jonathan R. Walsh.

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